Facebook live upgrades

Facebook & IG upgrades LIVE features + meetings

If you have been using Facebook and Instagram like many people and businesses during COVID19 to continue getting your message to your audience, you’ll be delighted to know they have just released an array of incredible functions to make it easier to reach your people!

Mark Zuckerberg went live on his Facebook channel to announce all the upgrades last week. Check out these incredible features!

🔹 Messenger Rooms launched
🔹 Paid Facebook Lives (coming)
🔹 ‘Live With’ is back (FB mobile)
🔹 Add the donate button to live videos 
🔹 Option to listen to audio only on Facebook Lives
🔹 Stars expanded to more Pages and countries
🔹#SupportSmallBusiness hashtag + “in support of” unpaid tag
🔹 Facebook Avatars rolling out in the US
🔹 Switch to New Facebook or revert back to Classic Facebook

🔸 Watch Instagram Live on desktop
🔸 Save IG Live to IGTV (soon)
🔸 Support Small Business sticker on IG Stories
🔸 Pin favorite comment on your IG posts
🔸 Bulk delete IG comments
🔸 New tag/mention controls on IG

Mari Smith also did a fantastic recap of all the unique ways to use these new functions and features for your personal gain and business successes. Check it out here.

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